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About AI Lean

AI Lean operates in the prolific Self-Storage Real Estate industry. The market counts more than 70,000 locations in
North America. AI Lean offers a breakthrough automation solution that provides value to self-storage operators in
several meaningful and proven ways such as 1) saving time 2) Optimizing a highly regulated collections process 3)
improving cashflow. Our company is growing fast and thus, is building up its talented team to maximize quality
growth and leadership in our marketplace.


We are on the lookout for a dynamic leader in the Customer Success domain to spearhead our efforts in achieving
unwavering client satisfaction. This key position is central to maintaining robust customer relationships, ensuring
high retention rates, and fostering customer growth. As a vital protector of the commitments, we've made to our
customers and stakeholders, your responsibilities include the development and refinement of key processes,
controls, and management reporting systems. These systems are crucial for identifying potential risks and
opportunities. Our ideal candidate is a data-driven leader with a rich background in Customer Success, capable of
enhancing our customer success framework and serving as a prominent customer-facing representative for AI
Lean. Your role is critical in consistently meeting customer satisfaction, collaborating closely with internal teams to
deliver a top-notch customer experience. You will be responsible for managing our customer community, guiding
their adoption of our solutions, and nurturing and expanding our customer relationships.

Your Roles and Responsibilities will include:

Project Management and Rollouts:

  • Collaborating with sales teams to integrate customer success metrics and SaaS industry standards into
  • Developing and scheduling customer roll-out plans, ensuring timely implementations and minimizing risks
    of delay.
  •  Setting and overseeing revenue roll-out plans, ensuring strategies are in place for on-target and on-
    budget rollouts.
  • Ensuring thorough testing of tech rollouts to eliminate risks and issues post-launch.
  • Handling Change Management and customer communication for new feature rollouts.

Customer Relationship and Communication:

  • Developing, supporting and delivering technical demonstrations, contributing to case studies and
  • Keeping internal teams educated and accountable about AI Lean’s value propositions and promises made.
  • Continuously monitoring account statuses through surveys and other feedback mechanisms.
  • Communicating broadly successes and opportunities to improve.
  • Leading user training sessions at launch and on an ongoing weekly basis for thorough product
  • Managing the user community, identifying needs to inform product roadmap development.
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with key customers, including quarterly travel to work
    remotely from client locations.
  • Advocating for customers, highlighting any organizational or service quality issues.

Data Analysis and Reporting:

  • Analysing data from various teams like customer service, support, technology, and finance to gauge
    account health.
  • Providing analytical insights by prioritizing data and presenting it through management dashboards and

Strategic Planning and Development:

  • Staying abreast of market trends and competitive landscape to advise product and tech teams on
  • Playing a crucial role in revenue expansion and forecasting, collaborating with sales on contract renewals
    and value targets.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field; a master’s degree is preferred.
  • Proven experience in customer success within the SaaS industry.
  • Expertise in management reporting, executive summaries, strategic analysis, and dashboarding.
  • Comprehensive understanding of customer success metrics, roll-out planning, and contract negotiation.
  • Demonstrable skill in communicating, presenting, and influencing key stakeholders at all organizational levels.
  • Excellent analytical skills, adept at summarizing complex data into actionable insights.
  • Experience in user training, community management, and customer advocacy.
  • Proven track record in delivering client-focused solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Ability to manage multiple account management projects simultaneously, with keen attention to detail.
  • Strong capabilities in listening, negotiation, and presentation.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Robust problem-solving skills and a hands-on approach to work.
  • Solid relationship-building skills and willingness to travel to client sites.

    Culture & Values Fit

    • Continuous Quality: Your team and our customers can count on you. You are reliable. You say what you do,
      making things visible, and you do what you say. Your processes are always robust, well thought out and you
      implement controls proactively, as well as diligently follow the existing ones to ensure quality is not only in its
      highest form but also continuous and permanent.
    • Responsive Service: You understand that a business is dynamic, and its performance is based on how
      responsive it is to its customers. You work with a sense of urgency, communicate proactively with clients and
      team members, providing a rapid turnaround of communications acknowledging requests and providing
      timelines to respond and complete those requests. You keep yourselves and others accountable for delivering
      a responsive and competitive customer experience.
    • Financial Results: You measure your work through financial lenses allowing you to be more impact-driven. You
      understand the company’s and our clients' financial goals and needs. You perform your work with these
      metrics and goals in mind and use these to prioritize and make your work more efficient and effective in delivering results. You report and communicate, always striving to include financial quantification and
      materiality levels to influence decisions yielding higher returns.
    • Productive Collaborations: Productivity is about setting S.M.A.R.T goals and hitting them consistently. You
      define such goals throughout the year, the quarters, the months, the weeks and the days and even for
      meetings. You do this internally and with our clients and always propose yourself to be the measurer of such
      performances. You always position yourself as a true business partner looking to deliver mutual benefits and
      therefore a productive collaboration.
    • Breakthrough Innovations: You are curious, a continuous learner, and a data-orientated innovator. You build
      business intelligence for yourself and others that helps see what others don’t see. You lead others to push
      their boundaries and think outside the box. You are not afraid of facing problems or being challenged in your
      thinking. You expose problems, pain points and, through customer and stakeholder interactions, are able to
      influence and drive breakthrough innovations for the team, our clients and industry.

    AI Lean is proud to be an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action workplace. We consider all
    qualified applicants without regard to race, ethnicity, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or
    expression, national origin, military and veteran status, disability, genetics, or any other category protected by
    federal law or AI Lean policy.



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