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AI Lean is targeted to have 400 total locations by the end of the year for which we are managing the liens to auctions. At AI Lean our main focus is compliance. We work with our partners, customers and their tenants to deliver overall collective success. Everyday, our team works diligently to send thousands of communications, digital and mailed (regulated), following meticulously, thanks to our software the different lien laws in each state. Below are a few testimonials to help you get an inside look about the types of benefits and concrete outcomes our solution delivers.

Visit StorAmerica

97 Locations Portfolio

StorAmerica is one of the Pros supported by National Storage Affiliates (NSA), publicly traded under the NYSE ticker (NSA).

Client duration: >1 Year

Key benefits experienced:

  1. Minimized lien errors leading to reduced restarts and less bad debt
  2. Eliminated time-consuming post-office visits
  3. Reduction of office closure time for single staff locations
  4. Saved money on office supplies, paper, letters, envelopes, printing
  5. A team more focused on more prominent tasks such as renting spaces
  6. A safer environment for the staff in this post-pandemic time

Visit Crescendo

37 Locations Portfolio

Crescendo was founded by the legacy founders of Life Storage which was built to a 100 locations portfolio. The team is on a same roll again!

Client duration: >1 Year

Some of the Key benefits:

  1. The most customizable and customer centric company we found to deal with
  2. The value to cost for the platform recognized by management as a win
  3. Managers able to spend more time on sales and customer services
  4. No more post office runs
  5. Internal controls improvement
  6. Standard Operating Procedures set up in the platform
  7. Reduced room for error
  8. Internal promotion, new role

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