7 Leading Self-Storage Auctions Marketplaces Sites

A flawless auction process is critical for self-storage owner

Auctions are critical for self-storage operators and the below companies we list in this article do agreat job serving between themselves most of the nationwide (and for some global) self-storage market. Each have their own characteristics and strengths. If you are not working with them yet, evaluate which one is best suited with your business needs.

Volume-based compliance is a must have…

It is our estimate that monthly there is a total of 150,000 Auctions (approximately 1% of all units rented end up needing to be auctioned). For a unit to be auctioned the law needs to be followed thoroughly, that is where AI Lean comes in. We help self-storage operators manage their liens up to the auctions and when it comes to the auctions these are the players we recommend. Should you want to get connected with any of these players let us know, we have their contact and can put you in touch!

“Behind every self-storage doors, there is a story”: The many reasons behind auctions…

Auctions happen when a self-storage tenant decides or needs to stop paying for his unit. They are many reasons for that. Simply, many tenants decide that they no longer want their belonging, or recognize that these belongings are not worth paying a rent for. Many units include “stuff” that cannot really be sold and therefore most auctions end up not selling. When this happens the self-storage operator has to get rid of what is in the unit so they can rent it to a new individual.

7 Key Players you need to know rocking it when it comes to Online Auctions…




AI Lean partners with self-storage owners and software players to automate the end-to-end self-storage businesses, enhance the customer experience and help employees focus on the most important tasks. AI Lean’s focus and expertise is in the lien law process steps automation. To learn more visit ai lean.com or request a demo from the contact page or by calling + 1 617) 917-5573

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