Here’s What’s New at AI Lean

Here’s What’s New at AI Lean

What happens in Vegas, actually, doesn’t stay in Vegas…

Our team went to the last SSA 2022 Las Vegas conference.

A few things we did and learned while we were there:

  • Had some team bonding and building time with our long time customer StorAmerica (One the National Storage Affiliates NSA Pros!) – See our group photo below.
  • We obtained our first recorded video testimonials (Thanks to those who recorded them or are in the process of recording them. See below one of them and the link to the others)
  • Spoke with some many self-storage owners who decided to start with us agreeing that our solution is at the right time, right place: Era of hyper-automation, Great Resignation etc.

Please find below some insights on our last trip and what we have next coming up

AI Lean meet the StorAmerica team (97 locations) in Las Vegas for some team building time:

This might look to many like a simple group photo but for us it means a lot.

StorAmerica has been a client of AI Lean since 2019. Their leadership team recognized rapidly the need to automate and they jumped early on the AI Lean program. Today, from the discussions we had with them, this was the right choice and investment. As many self-storage owners are facing the recession, more delinquencies, pressures on collections and hiring, the StorAmerica team has leapfrogged these issues with us. A kudos to their management team, as change is never easy, bets on the future don’t always pay off. We are glad this one did for them and are very grateful to count them as early customers of AI Lean. Innovation and moving into the age of tech, takes courage, leadership vision and this team definitely has all of that going for them. We also had a great time over dinner and drinks. Ultimately, despite us being in tech, we are all in a people business.


“AI Lean has helped us save…”

Growing Self-Storage Community

“The best way to predict the future is to hangout with those creating it”

The technological revolution is accelerating in self-storage…

The Self-storage industry is definitely going through it’s accelerated technological revolution: Self-storage management softwares are rapidly evolving, fighting for the next pole position spot, people are talking artificial intelligence, data analytics, cybersecurity, digital marketing and so on.

The eagerness for technology seems to be accelerating like it has in many other industries and is motivated by key trends: the Great Resignation (see our entire whitepaper and newsletter on this), and concerns over a growing recession and by the simple fact that new generations with higher expectations for technology are coming into the market place.

Like the saying goes,“The best way to predict the future is to hangout with those creating it” couldn’t be more true when you are at the Las Vegas SSA show.

We had a good time meeting our partners, clients, fellow innovators and entrepreneurs from the Self-storage industry and friends.

Our community is growing, thanks for the invitations that we accepted!

Group photos definitely feel more special after what we all went through with the pandemic etc. We decided to join the Top Golf networking event organized by SBOA and were delighted to be able to swing a couple of balls while networking and discussing with this amazing group representing their team and companies: Including Call Potential, SSA Arizona, Storage and many more.

Catch us next…

New York

The AI Lean team will be attending the Annual Fall Conference October 3-4

The state of New York counts many self-storage owners and we are eager to meeting them to discuss their liens to auctions problems.


The #1 State for Self-storage

Meet us at Booth 206 at the Austin, Texas Self-Storage Trade show on October 23-25

Did you know that Texas is the largest market in the United States? We are looking forward to be participating in this annual trade show. There, we are going to meet local self-storage owners, software partners and set the future of AI Lean in that region that has so much to offer. Stay tuned for more insights on our time there and do not hesitate to let us know if you or someone you know would like to meet us while we are there.

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